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EU Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen,
EU Commission Vice-President, Margaritis Schinas,
EU Commissioner for Home Affairs, Ylva Johansson,

We believe human rights and dignity should always be upheld, no matter what. In light of increasing evidence of violence against people on the move at Europe’s borders, we call on the European Commission to:

  • Open infringement proceedings against all member states perpetrating violent pushbacks and failing to uphold their duties under EU asylum law;
  • Ensure that Frontex suspends operations in countries where there is evidence of violence and human rights violations, in accordance with Article 46 of the European Border and Coastguard Regulation;
  • Suspend border surveillance funding to all member states involved in pushbacks at Europe’s internal and external borders, denying people their right to asylum.

We published the Black Book of Pushbacks: over 3,000 pages mapping the systematic violence unfolding at Europe’s borders and containing over 1,500 testimonies from people on the move about the horrors they have lived through. Women, men and children on sinking boats are denied their right to life and are left adrift, they are kidnapped on EU soil, tortured, illegally pushed back, and denied access to the asylum procedure.

We cannot remain silent when the European Union and its member states are perpetrating brutal and systematic violence against people seeking protection in Europe. Add your name to this urgent call and join our demand for justice and to end the horrors at Europe’s borders. We will deliver the signatures and the Black Book directly to EU Commissioners.

The sheer number of voices documented in these volumes leaves no room for doubt on the systematic nature of pushbacks at Europe’s borders. These are not sporadic incidents, violence, torture and humiliation have been normalised and are increasing exponentially.

The UN’s refugee agency and numerous NGOs have repeatedly reported evidence of violent pushbacks at the EU’s borders. Despite this mounting, credible evidence, member states have overwhelmingly failed to investigate. Member states have the responsibility to uphold the right to life and the right to asylum. Where they fail to do so, the EU Commission has a duty to take action. Continued inaction is  tacit approval of these illegal practices. We simply demand that member states obey the law and where they fail to, the EU Commission holds them accountable.

No more pushbacks. End Fortress Europe. Protect people on the move.


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