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How many times have you ordered a ride because you were running late? Remember when you ordered pizza for a Saturday night with friends? Or that time you didn’t feel like cooking and wanted to enjoy your favourite TV show alone on your sofa?

Riders and drivers have entered our everyday life making it smoother and easier. Thanks to their work we can be more efficient and have more free time.  It’s all pretty cool right? Yet every time we order such a service from an app, workers' rights are trampled on.

Drivers and riders have no sick leave, parental leave, paid holidays or fair pay.

But it doesn't have to be that way. The European directive on platform workers' rights is the way to finally deliver rights! Add your voice to support platform workers to push forward this new European law.

The platform workers directive is a long-awaited law  that will provide certainty to millions of digital platform workers across Europe who earn a living through digital platforms but have been denied basic rights and social protection because they are automatically classified  as “self-employed”. 

The Directive challenges the assumption that platform workers are self-employed, granting the presumption of employment with digital corporations such as Uber and Deliveroo having to prove that they do not “control the performance of work”. This would mean a big change in the lives of millions of workers: those who are genuinely self-employed will continue to be independent, those who are not will finally have their rights - such as holidays, sick leave, parental leave - recognised.