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Rape cases across the EU have been dismissed on ludicrous grounds. There is no other crime where victims are scrutinised and blamed in this way.

The European Parliament has taken a historic step towards justice by approving a law that recognises the simple truth that sex without consent is rape. This is a crucial step towards eradicating gender-based violence, providing justice for women and all survivors. However, the European Council is currently blocking this progress, refusing to criminalise rape in the absence of consent.

We’re calling for a Europe where only a resounding “yes means yes”.

In Europe, one in three women suffers physical violence in their life, and one in twenty is raped. Across the EU there are significant differences in reporting and conviction rates in Member States. This often comes down to how the crime of rape is defined. In at least 13 Member States "lack of consent" is not considered the primary element of this crime. This puts the burden on survivors and often leads to unfair and victim blaming.

We believe it's time for justice. Join us in demanding change.

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Only yes means yes